Sunday, 23 January 2011

Another Option

Another Option are an American experimental Rock act from Massachusetts. Combining incredible vocals from front man Kyle and Bassist Andy technical guitars and continuos tempo shifts this is a band you need to get into. Its hard to put them into a sub division genre, they take a lot of influences you can hear that in there music, Its if Death Cab For Cutie and Manchester Orchestra adopted a child from The Maine, Another Option would be the fruit of there loins. These guys come form a small town in MA and put there heart and soul’s into there music, there tunes are worth downloading and you wont be disappointed. They deserve more than a chance. 
Im giving there EP a 9/10 not a 10 just because there wasnt enough songs. Through out there is a running theme of ‘Coming back to New England’ the EP both starts and ends with this being sung over with a nice piano sequence. Part I has a beautiful guitar tone and technically amazes me. The speed during the verse’s is crazy. Part II has some of the best harmonies on the EP and held notes and again, some lovely guitar lines. Part III apparently some kind of Intermission. Really good lyrics and some very tasty drum fills. Part IV (Track I put up, listen again and again) My favourite from the album. Yes it was hard. Part V, an epic adventure. The conclusion of the New England trails. I love the middle 8 vocals gang vocals are amazing, and the lyrics give me chills. Great solo as well, The tone is really beautiful, warm and repeated on my itunes. 
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