Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Evening’s Entertainment @ The Star – 24th October 2011

Monday night at the Star in Guildford revealed a band that was wildly energetic with just a glimmer of crazy, courtesy of frontman Jan Langer. The Evening’s Entertainment took to the stage after other local band Don The Cardigan, and just before a Guildford favourite, Red Kites. Regardless of the exciting line up for the evening, TEE left quite an impression on an audience of new and old fans, and some visibly die hard music lovers.

Despite kicking off with ‘Oslo Can’t Solve This Problem’, some impressive drumming from Connor Laws and heavy, commanding vocals, the Guildford three-piece started slow after Don The Cardigan’s set a hard act to follow. After their second song ‘Blue Moon’ however, The Evening’s Entertainment rivalled their predecessors perfectly with ‘Lady’. Langer’s raspy vocal hit its high with a punk edge, and his stage presence alongside Laws (drummer) and Craig Ferguson’s (bass) enthusiasm may just be the diamond that makes The Evening’s Entertainment a frontrunner on the Guildford local scene. His style is effortlessly displayed in ‘The Joker’ - a slower, more indie/college rock side to their otherwise ever so slightly heavy rock set list, which ended up easily the best song of the night. The closing tune ‘Sad Bride’ didn’t quite compete with ‘The Joker’, but this band’s overall sound will stay with you long after the gig.

Next year will see the release of the band’s EP ‘For The Rest Of The Night’, and until then you can satisfy yourself with the free download of ‘Lady’ available through their Facebook page (HERE). Check out the page for info about the EP release, and listen to some tracks.

Caitlin McAllister

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Collapse The Control Thones EP

Collapse the Control have released what Sounding Better consider their most energetic and mature ep to date. Thones Released on itunes on the 24th of October has been in the works for what feels like almost a year. After supporting Memphis May Fire and playing Hevy Fest earlier this year its amazing to see the Surrey lads getting industry support and a considerable hype around them. Something that many fans loyal fans have hoped for since the beging. Its also something that I have personally been listening to non stop since it came out. 

 The ep has been described as 'perfect' by other online blogs such as 'HevyPetal', and it is a very fair shout from them. This ep is a huge progression, the band are writing more progressive and mature music, this sound would not be out of place if it came from any world established acts. 

Transcendence is great way to open the ep up. Huge synth lines, hooks, breakdowns and chants. Its brutal from the off, no messing around from the CTC lads. From the first song you get a great idea of what this ep will offer. 

Moving into the next track Fable, hitting you with the vocals from Tim Hider and then Jacob Feild's screaming. Really there isn't anything more to say, both vocals are perfect, this song has it all. You can dance, jump and throw down to this track. The guitar lines are especially excellent in this track, really making the breakdown for me. 

Leeches opens with a great synth and vocal line. Something any crowed could easily recreate. Something that the CTC lads are really good at doing live is getting involved with the crowed. This track keeps up the intensity of the previous ones. If your a fan of metalcore and synth lines then you'll really enjoy this track. Again Tim's vocals are spectacular and really send shivers down your spine. 

Title track Thrones is a blissful entrence into Sounding Betters favourite track form the ep City of Dreams. A track that we where fortunate to hear months ago and have looked forward to ever since. The track is incredible, easily CTC's best track to date in our opinion. Also with the single line that defines any CTC show 'Fuck Shit Up'. The breakdown in this track is huge in every way. Can't wait to see it live. In my opinion and I know it will sound cheesy but this ep should be called 'EP of Dreams'. The guys have put everything into this and its exciting to see there continuous growth in the industry. Well done guys you deserve it. 

Thones is available on iTunes HERE

Friday, 9 September 2011

Trails. Before I Begin.

Trails are a Guildford based band kicking and screaming in the local scene, Having played with bands like, Cubrik, Drones, Another Option and Mallory Knox. This band have just been featured in Kerrang (top 10 unsigned artists in the UK) and there new single (one here) has been featured on frontarmy.com. So yeah Trails aren't fucking around.

Before I Begin.

The track kicks down the door with a nice little build up before punching the distortion on before the first verse. One thing Trails are really good at is there vocals harmonies and back vocals. This song is no difference, straight away there are some nice harmonies just filling out the mix making for a full sound, especially when your listening on headphones. Also another thing that Trails are seemingly good at is constructing single along choruses. Again this song is no difference, and that's whats makes this a good song, its easy to remember and sing along too. The song ends with the same heavy distortion and then a cheeky half time. Trails are a band doing what they love to do, playing music and making themselves stand out, and if you listen to this track on there facebook or watch the video you'll understand what i mean at the very end of the track with a nice little 8 bit reminder of there last single. All in all, i digged this track and cant wait for the self titled EP to come out on the 10th of October. 

Get to Trails's facebook or the website for more information on everything band related

Also follow them on twitter for any exclusive news. HERE

Thursday, 8 September 2011

From Forests. Landmarks and Ragga

From Forests are a Guildford based band who have caused a lot of head turning in the area. There first single 'Conscious' has hit over 2000 plays on the facebook page since its been up. 

They have released two new songs called 'Landmarks' and 'Ragga'. If you head to there facebook HERE, you can listen to the new songs in full before you read the review (advised).  If you dig bands like 'Bombay Bicycle Club' 'Bon Iver' and 'Temper Trap' I suggest checking From Forests out.


Landmarks as I see it is the bands best track to date. Its feels like the subject matter of this track is about accepting things for what they are and then moving on. This is just as I see it so don't hold me to this. The song opens very softly, I really like how this band have three guitar players, adding depth to the top end of all there songs. The vocals are soft and hold so much weight in the song, almost dream like. The chorus comes in quicker than expected and you only realise that it is the chorus when you hear it again and realise the dynamic shift indicated by the drums, I really enjoyed the drums on this track, the fills and groove carry the song through making the song at a reasonable 5.26 pass by without losing appeal. Towards the end of the song there is a semi break down, nothing crazy but where the bass drops out and only one guitar line is heard over the vocals and groove at 3.52 this makes the track for me. This shows to me that the band have thought about making the chorus more and not repetitive shifting it up a bit. The track fades really nicely and ends beautifully, The mix is solid and shows that a great song can be produced on a budget. Solid track and a favourite of mine.


Ragga being the first indication of a different writing style from this band shows that more emotion, a ballad, or as I would see it. The song starts with a lone guitar line before the bass enters. A warm feeling top end. The first verse is really nice, vocally its another depth, higher notes and longer holds. It feels like the sound is set for this track in the verses. But again From Forests shift the dynamics, one thing I love about this band, you never know whats next. Half way through the song a solid groove drops and you find yourself nodding along as this was dropped on a Foals track. It feels like a dedicated chorus but is over before you know it. Then the one part I feel that lets this track down, the mid 8/instrumental. Its not the whole thing, just the bass line that gets me all upset. Too high up in the mix, when the other instruments come back in the bass mixes well for the final minute. I feel like this should have kept the same tempo as the 'chorus' before, but it works nicely and has that From Forest vibe which I like. The song then fades to a nice and warm end. 

Head to the bands FACEBOOK for more information on shows and releases. 

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Never Good Enough by The Event

The Event formally known under the name 'Flexaibility' (yes it was spelt that way) have come back with this. Never Good Enough is a perfect summer pop song, something that you would keep to yourself and listen to on your own but still love it.

Lets just start off this review with how haunting Nick's vocals are. The first few chords of the song makes me feel like im listening to a new Foals track, Really nice chords and a synth drum beat. Anyway back to the vocals. They are so clear and punch through the mix, I would not expect his vocals to work in a track like this, but needless to say they really do. His range is not to much but its not needed, it is to the point and like I said haunts you.

The track musically is solid. Solid pop track, the backing vocals around the 3 minute mark work really well. Also I love the coldplay esq guitar 'solo' that sweeps in before the ending, also the synth orchestra fits very nicely and helps to create a really nice atmosphere when your listening. The track ends really nicely as well, just back to the chords from the intro letting the song rest and leave you wanting to listen again. Really enjoyed listening to this track. Its just a really nice song.

Never Good Enough by The Event

You can find The Event on facebook HERE also they have a website too right HERE

Friday, 3 June 2011

The Only Debt We Bear Is Love. Another Option.

Another Option have released the first single from their up coming EP 'Mountains' called 'The Only Debt We Bear Is Love'. 

The new single is huge new sound for Another Option. It feels like a ballad but with an edge. Not so soppy and nothing directly specking of broken love. Just a solid song. Its really nice to see the progression of this band, from their first recored 'The Smokey Trails of 1985' through 'The Great Walk' and now with 'Mountains' less than two weeks away, I am looking forward to the full EP.

The strings at the start build the right mood for the song, and when the band kick in it already feels epic and feeling like the chorus. Kyle's vocals are incredible and his vocal range seem's to grow with every song Another Option create. The verses complement very well, the tempo doesn't drop too dramatically so you don't feel a drop in movement in the song, It keeps going and brings you right back to the huge chorus. Its really hard to put anything negative about this song and this band. I don't want to 'over review' this because I am waiting for the ep to drop on the 14th, Just listen to the track for yourself and see exactly what I mean. 

The Only Debt We Bear Is Love by Another_Option

Find more out on Another Options facebook HERE and download the EP 'Mountains' on the 14th of June.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Heart In Hand are a South coast based Melodic Hardcore band. Recently signed to Siege of Amida records. Their self titled EP was released in 2010 and quickly spread around creating a hype for the band. HIH quickly found themselves touring and playing shows up and down the country.

'Only Memories' is the bands first album under a label. The album firstly carries much more weight as a metal recored and gives the fans and kids of the scene something to really ger their teeth into and play on repeat. The recored barely lets you rest throughout its 39 minute run time. Taking you through huge chorus's and high octane verses, but its not just full throttle for the entire album. HIH do show their emotions, especially on some mesmerizing interludes like 'Indelible Mistakes', a slight evolution on the interludes from the self titled EP. The chugging rhythm section is complemented by the emotional melody lines (some reminding me of Deftones White Pony) and then brought down to reality with Charlie's incredible vocals telling you exactly whats going on in his mind. HIH have a lot of promise, and are shaking up the already saturated market in their own way. This debut album only makes them stand out more. Get this album you wont forget or regret it.  

Songs worth a listen, 'Only Memories' and 'Threefiftenn'.

To find out more information on Heart In Hand or when they are touring look up there facebook page HERE and for other interesting things head to there tumblr page HERE