Sunday, 30 January 2011

Friends In China Review.

A little interview with Guildford happy indie band Friends In China. Enjoy.

Hi Friends In China what you all about then?
Enjoyment, crowed enjoyment, and trying to get everyone to enjoy our music and the night, especially metal fans. The More the merrier

As a band then which bands or artists would you love to play with, if they let you?
Phoenix for sure, The Killers would be amazing, Mumford and Sons, that would be funny cause there all folk folky you know, and John Frusciante.

Ok so the burning question from me is how do you think you have progressed since the line up change?
We feel that our sound has got bigger for sure, adding Jude on guitar means me (Mattia) personally can concentrate on my vocals. We feel like its been an upgrade Friends In China 0.2. Also with Jack adding his twist to the bass lines already written by our old bass player its a fresh start, we are more motivated as a group and really up for it.

Any new material or news we should look out for in the next few months?
New EP will be recorded soon and then we are beginning to work on the album with Steve Byrd who was Kim Wild's guitarist and toured with the king of pop, a few video shoots curtsy of Rosinski film company and of course more naked ness, and an EXCLUSIVE for your blog we are busy planning a tour in Poland.

Any finally comments?
Jude- Im the man of the band.

More information of Friends In China hit up there facebook page and keep in touch and download two singles from there 'She told me I was Silly' EP HERE! Live review coming  later tonight.

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