Monday, 24 January 2011

Truth Serum Precilla Broke


Precilla Broke, Truth Serum, Guildford, You Me At Six with balls. Is that all you need to know? I liked this song, give me a feeling of anticipation for there up coming EP, They mix drum effects with heavy guitar breaks well in this song and it makes me feel like im listening to old Funeral For A Friend. I guess you'll decide if thats good or not. The one thing that I couldn't get into in this song was the vocals, feels like we are going down 2009 again, here comes pop punk again. Unfortunately you can't change your vocals with ease. I don't see anything with this vocal style breaking through this year, its just another 'kids in me at six low'. Its been done. With the songs i've heard from Precilla Broke its either a hit or a miss. I would like to see if they pick a vocal style either it be the hardcore heavy style or the soft vocals. I think that could make there genre transition more clear and make them site more comfortably in a market rather than sitting on the line. 

Precilla Broke, Truth Sercum, Im on a light 6 with this. 

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