Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Jeye T. Think Oasis and Nirvava in a Scottish man.

So if Oasis went on a little holiday with Nirvana to Glasgow in Scotland you'd most likely get the sound of this man. Jeye T is currently signed to Gary Powell's new recored label 25hourconvienence. Sounding like Nirvana in there early days, Jeye T combines his accented vocals and lyric material to create some very unique songs, something that I wouldn't have expected from a singer song writer, his songs and body of work behind his music has been tipped to 'stand the test of time'. 

The song bellow Hysteria has that typical grunge vocal style, but also with a sound that he would rather be else where. Typical grunge/brit rock attitude. Unfortunately after the first verse and chorus you know where this track is going and it doesn't step up and out of the comfort zone, if people dig this then thats great I just wanted to hear what may have been if the bar of comfort was pushed. The single is up for free download on Jeye T's Facebook and you can find out more and keep up to date with Jeye T through his twitter.

Thought? Did you love it. Hate it. Whats your feeling on this track. 

hysteria by JEYE T

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