Saturday, 5 February 2011

My most Anticipated albums of 2011

I know im a bit late on this list and yes I missed a great albums that have already came out, Smith Westerns and The Decemberists be two that would have featured on this list have it been written a few months ago. 

10. Aphex Twin (TBA), Now there has been talk on the internet about a new Aphex album ever since the last year when Warp Records celebrated its 20th year anniversary. He did show off a new song in France on a DJ set through Europe link HERE. Richard James hasn't how ever released an album under Aphex Twin since 2001. 

9. James Blake (7th Feb), he produced and released three different EP's in 2010 and still know one seems to have any idea which way this wizkid is going, Tipped highly by the BBC for massive success this year, if he combines all his influences from the three EP's his album should be exciting. 

8. Bright Eyes (Feb), Bright Eyes is getting less folk orientated and picking up more rock with this sci-fi inspired album 'The Peoples Key', we have already heard the single 'Shell Games' and its sounds good so far. 

7. Toro Y Moi (22nd Feb), From the two tracks we have heard it sounds like the 'Chillwave' feel has taken a back seat on this album, im very excited to hear what this album sounds like. There are some similar keys sounds and I would advise people who don't like Toro Y moi to listen. 

6. The Mars Volta (TBA), Another album that will most likely blow me away this year and probably sound nothing like the previous Mars Volta albums. With the introduction of there new drummer Omar Rodriugez Lopez im excited to hear what he can bring to there arsenal. All I can say is that its going to be very interesting.

5. The Strokes (22nd March), Its hard to believe that this band still exist. Yet it seems like there new album has been on the cards for two years now. Maybe its the overwhelming media pressure to make another album or maybe they have really just taken there time with the album, if its the latter then this album should be one of the best albums of 2011.  

4. Foo Fighters (12th April), its actually happening, a new Foo Fighters album will be realised this year. Hearing 10 seconds worth of un edited music all over the net and listening to interviews with Dave Grohl the album will have NO acoustic tracks and will sound more like older albums, now remember when Jimmy Eat World said this, that didnt turn out to well, but I hope this is the opposite. 

3. Death Cab For Cutie (TBA), By now Death Cab have there sound down, tight and well established. So announcing unto the world that there next album will be less guitar driven is very exciting to hear. It maybe easy to write this band off because of there success but Im sure Ben Gibbard will not only embrace this but also rise up to it and make the critics regret there decisions by this time next year. 

2. Fleet Foxes (TBA), Many album reviews and music big cheeses have played down that the next Fleet Foxes album will be worth our time and better than the bands debut album. But I really didn't enjoy the first album and after hearing the title track, helplessness blues im so excited to hear there album. Its one that I expect to be really good, to get this feeling for a band you didnt like form there title track of there second album is a rarity for me.  

1. Lower Than Atlantis (April), Being a fan of this band since Far Q ive very excited to hear what new direction or what there redefined sound has turned out to be. After listening to both the singles that have been streamed by the band 'Bleech Like A Tree' and '(Motor) Way of Life' im really hoping that they haven't lost the intercity that was captured on Far Q. Its an album that i'll be waiting for and really excited to hear and see how its portrayed live. 

There you go. These are my most anticipated albums to come this year and yes it is subject to change as the year rolls on. Like I said I have already missed some great albums that are already out. What albums are you looking forward to hearing this year?

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