Monday, 7 February 2011

Nylon Sky

Nylon Sky
Life will be the death of us all.
Nylon Sky is one of those band that ive been told to just get into over the past year and for some reason I didn’t. But there I stand in the Boileroom Guildford watching this band for the first time after never hearing there music being blown away with there sound, energy and all round stage presence. So naturally I got the album and thought I’d bring it over to the blog for you.
The album kicks of hard and doesn’t lay down until the last track. The live energy is put on tape and captured really well on the album. The band are a cross of rock and hip hop sounding very much like a British Rage. Although there subject material is wide nothing is left with out pure energy on the album, the guitars slam home with pulsing solos as on ‘You Pretend’ but also really relax you with the opening of ‘So Alive’. Drums are solid through out with some really nice licks and the groove is tight. Vocally Tony can hold a crowd in the palm of his hand and on the recored the vocal performance is really good, singing is good but the rapping is the main attraction, recorded with the live energy songs like ‘Beauty is A Monster’ and ‘Crack’ with its hard hitting real world lyrics, its music that can offend but thats great. To conclude I really liked the album it was an album that replicated there live show on a CD and was well produced. Its defiantly worth a buy not a download 100%
Stand out tracks.
Beauty Is A Monster
You Pretend
So Alive

Bellow is an acoustic version of Beauty is a Monster off the Album and its fantastic
Sofa Sessions: Nylon Sky - Beauty is a Monster by Sofa Session

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