Friday, 25 February 2011

Seven Years Behind.

Seven Years Behind is the stage name of Liverpool singer songwriter Simon Gibbons. Singing about beer, woe and anything else he wants. This project arouse from interesting circumstances, with the ending of a post hardcore band.
I feel that this EP is not 100% finished, it has a very ruff feel to it, sounding like it was recorded on a single SM58 in Simons Bedroom. Now i’m not judging his recording quality i’m saying I like this. I really like the song ‘Steve Rogers’, it has lots of power behind it, a heart felt song about the pressures of the world. It was probably the one song that I related to the most. I really enjoyed listening to the musical styles portrayed in this EP, from the lighter feeling song ‘Amor Fati’ to the almost full on country feeling track ‘Cottonmouth’. The musicianship is really high quality and its a lesson on who to write music on your own. Its really a good if you want music to listen to on your own and just say ‘hey, things aint that bad.’ Seriously really enjoyed this EP, one thing though I did find myself pondering after many listens is that I think Simon hasn't found his perfect pitch yet, Some of the lines in songs sound pushed and strained upon but when he finds his pefered singing pitch it should fix this problem, SYB is one to watch this year on the unsigned side of things. Listen to ‘Steve Rogers’ and ‘Excuse My Lack Of Moral Fibre.’

Check out SYB's facebook for more information and download the entire EP for free right HERE

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