Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Smith Westerns. Dye It Blonde.

Smith Westerns are from Chicago Illinois and there sophomore album Dye it Blonde was released on the 18th Jan 2011 follow up from self titled release in 09 these effectively college students (with the band members being aged between 18-20) have made a great album.
title track ‘weekend’ had a beach boy vibe going, huge chorus that got you singing along to the harmonies. ‘Imagine Pt3’ has a great guitar hook throughout the chorus and the vibe is really catchy. With the small yet effective synth swirls popping up through the mix and making you listen up. Songs that stand out are, 
Imagine Pt3
Fallen In Love
End Of The Night.
at just under 36 minutes its not hard to keep listening to, its just really good. Sounding like it was produced on a very small budget and still making you congratulating the sound engineer as it sounds so full and mix is just perfect. This album is full of mid tempo ballads, sing along choruses, pounding piano and swooping organ. Its one to buy not download. Really enjoyed this album. 

The entire album is streaming on youtube and you can find out more about the band at there Facebook page.

Smith Westerns - Weekend

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