Sunday, 30 January 2011

Bleech. That band from London

You know Bleech right. No. Well here is your chance. 

London based Bleech are a band that don't take shit, playing with real conviction and bringing a grunge sound back, on there new single 'Are You Listening' the guitars sound early 90's in essence. But its not as if this is a band trying to be Nirvana and Pearl Jam they have a punk edge to there sound. Big beats and fills. Bass that is right to the point and vocals from lead singer Jen that hypnotise you into listening. I advice you to get to one of there gigs soon and see for yourself. When they played Guildford true there wasn't as many people in the crowed as they may have want but that didn't stop Bleech playing like it was a sold out show. 

Get over to there socialnetwork sites here and here listen to there tracks. 

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