Sunday, 30 January 2011

FIC Live? Say what.

So like I said I saw friends In china live a few days ago. Said I'd review them so lets get down to business.

Friends In China took to the stage as main support as one band pulled out on the day of the show, Ready with a new set up this was the first time they had played the Star in Guildford but its not like that worried them. Sailing through the pre show interview with yours truly, FIC opened with there new single India. A song that know one in the room bar the band and possibly the sound tech had ever heard. I was a typical FIC number, pounding drums making it hard for the band to keep up, bass chugging along and the guitars screaming along in time. There is a new feeling I felt from this gig, having seen the band before I knew what to expect but there was an overall confidence and calm with the band, interacting well has not exactly been a problem with them before but I could feel a better stage presence. It was really good to see. So the set trundles on and each song is introduced smartly and cheerfully. Until. What, yes a drum solo from the French fiddler himself elle. Much shorter than I expected but a nice thing that not many bands do anymore, properly because its not 80's any more. But all in all, I had a bloody good time with the guys and I can't wait to see them again maybe at a bigger and more full venue. Not that that will change there performance. Im saying there a band to go see live rather than be told about there live shows, great music and great vibe. 

A few shots from the night. 

For more information on Friends In China head over to there facebook page.   

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