Friday, 28 January 2011

Decemberists. The King is Dead. Folk-tastic

Ok Decemberists Portland's own Folk rock group. I really liked this album, I bought it just because I heard many people talking about it giving it a sort of ‘Mumford and Sons’ feel and stature. So I guessed if this is going to bring a rock vibe and a folk vibe together im up for that. 
 The Album opens with ‘Don’t Carry It All’ great Harmonic riff could you say or sound. But The I get the feeling that song didn’t go any where. I knew what was coming shall we say. I felt this with most of the songs on the LP, the verse’s where doing nothing for me. The chorus however are really well written, Great hooks and songwriting. Thats what you want from your chorus after all. I really liked ‘Rox In A Box’ huge Celtic feel to this song it chilled me how well this song sounded, by far one of the best songs on the album. All In all I think the songwriting is good but like I said, its already reached its peaked after 30 seconds. You know what is coming after those 30 seconds. But again another reason for not feeling the songs is that they all fit into a simple ‘pop’ structure. Not saying this is bad or not good I personally would have liked to see more abnormal forms especially in this type of music.  But saying that I really enjoyed the January and June Hymns, which fit right into that ‘pop’ form. listen to them even if your not into this band, just really beautiful songs. 
All in all though I did enjoy the album, it was easy to listen to and enjoyable, so it ticked those boxes. Currently number one on the US billboard chart so god times. Rating wise its most defiantly worth the £7 $12 you’ll pay for it. Its a buyer for sure. 

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