Wednesday, 26 January 2011

In Lieu Interview.

So I did a little interview with Martin Ruffin of In Lieu a few months back and thought it would be cool to see what you guys think of it when its re posted. Plus I love his music and cant wait for new material. 

A Little Interview With Martin Ruffin A.K.A In Lieu. 

When Did you start writing the Album?
 I started writing that EP around April earlier in 2010, kind of on a song by song basis, which at the time i didn't really know what to do with until more and more started getting done and thinking "Oh this could actually turn into a record".
What Gave you the inspiration for the Name In Lieu?
 I can't even remember now, i read something in a book saying In Lieu of a name and considering the amount of projects i'd started under different aliases that hadn't really seen the light of day, thought this would be a suitable title. Gives a bit more freedom. I've had a few compliments and some people just thinking it's retarded.

What Song are you most Proud of?
Difficult one to answer, rather than entire tracks there's moments within these that i take pride in, which is kinda how i listen to music as well. As far as how much work went in though and how it went from conception to overrall execution, probably Euthanasia. There's like 100 odd tracks of audio in there, ridiculous.

Is there any new music/projects for the future?
Yeah, i'm doing a kind of trifecta project making instrumental music which will then have an illustration done based on it, then some writing as well, kind of just feeding off of each other(but it could start from any source). Gonna make them into some nice little packages and just sell them cheap online. That's just in the meantime while i gradually finish an album. Works started and it's planned, i'm excited! People can keep up to date on the website -

What other Ambient acts/artist do you admire?
I don't really listen to as much ambient music as people would think, like at all. I get bored pretty quickly, and prefer the kind of textures those guys create but put into different context, rather than just long washes of sound like Hammock or Eluvium or something, though that stuff's amazing in its own right. I liked the Riceboy Sleeps record though, A Lily's stuff(guy from Yndi Halda), those two obvious M83 songs! To be honest i'd be happy just listening to Debussy forever
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