Tuesday, 25 January 2011

New Animals, New Animals. 
NA is the creation of roommates Kris and Derek from Atlanta Georgia. Creating one of the most psychedelic feel i've come across in the elusive genre that's better know as Chillwave. Its a grower for sure. One of those albums you would put on in the background and then with out knowing your digging it. Introduced to me over at No Fear Of Pop at the start of the month for a free download over at New Animal Band Camp Its really worth the 0p fee. 

Although most people I know and discuss Chillwave with have expressed there bordem with the genre I really liked the reverberated gang vocals on tracks like 'Try' and 'Nightmares of Candy Yang & The Black Italian'. Its an album that doesn't stay in the same place, jumping tempos and really good grooves in songs like 'Ghost Police' that got me more and more into this act, and although some of the songs take much more than one listen to get into and some times I was crying out for some vocoder the album left me with a great impression. 

Im feeling a 7 to 8. Adding to the loved list and will crop up again at the end of the year when yearly list come back. Tell me if you loved it or hated and more importantly why. 

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