Saturday, 12 February 2011

Hello all this is Ally a new member to Sounding better. Exiting times indeed.

So my first EVER review will be gifted to the kingston based band Hayloft Soso here goes....

Just where has the dynamic loud duo gone? Earlier this week White Stripes called time on there bluesy garage rock. I was a cub scouts emo pop synth sounds are no longer with us and Death from above 1979s arty distorted rock left our ears long ago. However amongst all the break ups that have happened this week and lack of general loudness in the rock section kingston based 2-piece have been tearing up and reviving something of a recently quiet sound and frankly, good on them. 

Within the first couple of seconds the anthemic blast of 'Weights' sets the tone of this EP. Big spikey riffs and heavy drums mixed with quiet but soothing verses. A good balance of this dynamic use is kept throughout the EP with Sami Woods guitaring one moment being soft and melodic and then the next in the same vein as a Rage against the machine track. 

The track 'Always Maybe' shows more of an experimental feel. Tempo and time signature changes which fans of bands such as Tubelord and Meet me in St. Louis will surely appreciate give Hayloft a great individual sound. The overall production of this EP is also very well done. This shows on 'Weights' and especially on 'Options' easily the heaviest track with Woods screaming guitars and Ashley Lawrences pounding drums. Im feeling a strong Biffy Clyro vibe on this track especially at the end with a great stop start movement thats bound to get any crowd moving. Also the drum break on the second verse of Always maybe has a great effect on it that shows that this band is more than just a raw D.I.Y band, and that they can creativly make their songs more interesting.

The final track however 'Spin' shows that this band can do more than just write good heavy punk/rock tunes. This little acoustic number is probably my personal favourite. It has a lovely relaxed feel and has the potential to take the band great places. Im vibing this band a lot and im sure anyone who enjoys listening to groups such as Rueben, Blakfish mixed with the likes of Tellison & The Xcerts should defiantly get listening to this album

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