Sunday, 13 February 2011

Fabels by Adam Russell

This is the latest instalment of EP's from Kent based Adam Russell, in what ever light you look writing, recording and releasing three EP's in just over a month is an amazing accomplishment, not even big household bands can say they have done this. 

The Ep opens with a great piano melody and synth sound creeping into the mix. The Drums are tight and appropriate nothing too over powering and no over playing. The Ep is littered with great build up's and releases, a great example is 'Wake Up' moving from just piano and vocals to full drums, synth and really impressive piano movements. 

The part of the Ep I enjoy the most is that Adam is very experimental with his chord choices, some sounding very dissonant and punching through the mix in a few songs like 'Voice Voice Voice'. 

My favourite track form the Ep however is '1672', the way it starts of beautifully builds up then changes the tempo as the drums enter the mix and it just creates such a beautiful atmosphere, especially when the synth hits your ears, a song that really did give me a shiver. Its really great song if your a fan of acts like Imogen Heap or In Lieu, especially In Lieu because Martin plays drums. 

Over all I really enjoyed this EP, it was my favourite out of the three that where released. But it does leave you wanting. Some of the song's cut off too soon, thats the only thing that I found myself getting annoyed with. I wanted the tracks to keep going as you got the the tension and release, boom then next track. It was an album that I could listen to and find myself drifting into a day dream and thinking about better times in life, not saying that it was a depressing album it just took me back to good times. 

The album is up for free download along with all the other Ep's over at Adam's Bandcamp. Also as I was writing this review I found out that there is a new set of tracks out. Check Adam's Facebook for more details and new music. 

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