Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Highrise Growing Up to Grow Apart.

Highrise are an energetic band from the Midlands looking to put there energy to a good cause. 

There new five track Ep is coming out this March called 'Growing Up to Grow Apart' and today we are going to review and give you a taster of what the Ep will sound like with its title track

Highrise - Growing Up To Grow Apart by HIGHRISE

This is a song that kicks right off with melodic guitars and slamming drums, but quiet soon you realise that this song is all about the chorus, musically and vocally. Jamie's voice is very powerful throughout but at times I found myself struggling to hear what words were actually being said. The contrast with the backing vocals are really we constructed, and I feel that this track is played live with exactly the same intensity as it is on the recored. Defiantly for people who like Deaf Havana, Paramore and that 2000's rock movement.  

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