Thursday, 17 February 2011

Brothers by Flexability

Hampshire quartet Flexability are here again with a new track, Brothers has been out for free download for just under a month now and if your a fan of Flexability you wont be disappointed. Its a simple rock song about having a good time, which is all music should be about. 
It seem that Flexability have gone back to there roots with two vocals contrasting very nicely. It adds depth to the music, two vocal styles hasn’t featured on many of Flexabilitys new material. Its really refreshing and I thought it worked really well. After a couple of listens you’ll have worked out the chorus and be singing along to yourself hoping know one is listening. The track has nothing fancy to offer, as I said its just a a rock song about having a good time. There is no crazy drum fills or over the top guitar solo, not that this is Flexability’s style but in previous songs I found myself asking ‘why put that synth swirl there?’. Another new thing of the band was this middle 8. Rather than going for a nice pop instrumental or a nice little synth feel we are thrown into am almost beat down feel. I really like the guitar line and I really liked this new approach from the band. Shows that they are credible writers and write what they like and enjoy. Last thing I want to mention about the music is the bassline. Jake’s bassline was key for me in this song, it hit you through the mix at the right times, again nothing over the top but not basic, it really did make the song for me. 
Brothers by Flexability

Flexability continue to rise up and gather more fans every day it seems. With songs getting progressively better and better its not long until you hear more about this band on a wider scale. 

Get to there facebook, website and myspace for more information on the band.

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