Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Hope. Break. Legend.

If you are having a ruff day and need some fun loving northern Pop punk then look no further than Hope. Break. Legend. 

Coming from Preston the band is heavily influenced by American bands like Set Your Goals and Four Year Strong, but also UK bands like Me Vs Hero. There Debut EP is coming out soon and should be available at all the normal download outlets. 

'We gotta get of this Island Chuck' is streaming on there facebook page and if this is a teaser of what is too come then i'm looking forward to the full EP review. The track combines a very Four year Strong guitar feel with chorus your more likely to find in smaller pop punk outlets. Its nothing incredible different, which might restrict this band from being in HMV but not to put a downer on this bands music, I really liked the track and the gang vocals are a really good touch, with the guitar screaming in the background it gives it a very good live feel. Im looking forward to reviewing the bands EP and the teaser helps you get a feel of it. Yeah looking forward to it. 

All the normal things apply, Facebook them for more information and hear the track for yourself, Right HERE

Shout out to James cheers man for introducing me to this band. 

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