Saturday, 19 February 2011

From Forests.

From Forests are a Guildford band that have made a complete turn musically and reinvented themselves. The band have introduced a new drummer to there ranks and have created this song, fresh faced and looking to impress. 
Conscious opens with a feel that is mastered by bands like Foals. Very mellow and inviting. The chords and melody is looking to move forward, and im glad that it does. Drums enter and bring with it the feel of the song, not a slow melodic track more a track that will be fast moving. Vocally the song does not disappoint. Haunting and chilling, singing about real life experiences is something that I really enjoy and hear it feels like we are being taken through the lead singers past. Feelings and problems. When the instrumental I hesitate to call it a chorus because there is no vocals or melody hooks, but the guitars really did give me goose bumps and if a song does that then im going to really enjoy it. The guitars work really well together, one almost soloing and the other keeping the melody running. Coming into the mid 8 the tempo drops right down and i get the sense that everything has been turned down until we have the band building up with the snare roll. Coming out into the last instrumental/solo/chorus 3.08 is when you can feel the goose bumps. The last 40 seconds are really epic in my opinion. The one thing I could offer as a suggestion is tighten up the ending of the song, It felt like a finger was dropped off and the finish was not as perfect as it could have been. 
Bar that I really loved this track. Considering that this is a reinvented band and this is there first recorded track with the new line up im really looking forward to an Ep or more singles to be released in the future from this band. Check out From Forests Facebook for any more information. 

Conscious - From Forests by From Forests

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