Sunday, 13 February 2011

In Lieu update.

So I hope you're all keeping up to date with In Lieu. If not let me bring you up to scratch. Martin has been a very busy guy, making more new music all the time and playing drums for acts like Adam Russell. His music is getting reviewed all over the world and is really starting to make a hype. This track was a remix that he did for a Norwegian blog and its just In Lieu all over. 

Beach House - Norway(In Lieu RMX) by In Lieu

The tension and release give me butterflies, simple. The vocals are so perfect that its almost too good to actually enjoy. You get to the stage where you sit there listening feeling bad because you can't do that. I have to say if In Lieu isn't pushing more boundaries by this time next year i'll be shocked. 

Keep up to date on new material at In Lieu's Blog and Facebook

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