Monday, 28 March 2011

The James Cleaver Quintet. Ten Stages Of A Make Up EP

The James Cleaver Quintet are a band that may not be everyones cup of tea. They are loud, in your face, melodic, relentless and passionate. They don't apologies for there attitude on stage and put there hearts into there music. 

There EP 'Ten Stages Of A Make Up' was released by Ondryland last year, and its an explosive release so lets just jump straight in. This EP is full of huge breaks, half time, loud punk rock vibes and also nice melodic contrasts. Im just going to review the stand out tracks and leave you with another track from soundcloud.

Track one 'I Do, You Do We Do Voodoo' counts in with no distraction, then there is a few seconds of beautiful buzzing noise. You can hear the punk influences coming through, its a great opener, the vibe and intensity of the track really holds its weight when your listening to the EP, I really like that the structure is so well hidden, there seem's to be no section divides apart from 'and when the time is right' etc. Its a song that doesn't skip a beat until its over. 

Track two 'Throne To The Lines' my favorite song on the EP. Another track full of intensity and complex breaks, that must have been practiced over and over. I really like the guitar lines in the pre-chorus im going to call it around the minute mark. I love the 2.20 mark when the tempo shifts almost a half time and just gives you chills. The song leaves you dazed and wanting more, if the first track wasn't enough to keep you moving this one will. 

This six track EP is hard to class, its hard to give a definitive feel to. Each track is full of intensity like being punched by a heavy-weight boxer, its relentless, confusing, beautiful and completely off its face on something. Just a great ep.

The Shame by thejcq

check out The James Cleaver Quintet's Facebook, Myspace and Twitter for more information and upcoming show information. 


  1. i love these guys SO much, this EP is brilliant and they are so amazing live, i saw them a few months back, at the IBar. cant wait for their album which is released on monday!!

  2. We will be reviewing the album as well my friend so look forward to that.