Monday, 21 March 2011


First of all, I would like to apologise for my little time off, i've been busy with other commitments and the blog has taken a back seat. But I (Connor) is back and my fellow blogger Ally will be back contributing soon as well. 

If you remember I blogged about this band a few months back now but they have since released there EP called 'Growing Up To Grow Apart'. I've had this EP for a few weeks and have been absorbing it to come to a conclusion. The EP opens with the title track, which for me as I said is a really dam good song, I really enjoyed the melody, the lyrics and the music. So we don't need to cover that song again. 

The other tracks on the EP unfortunately really let me down, now I know i'll most likely get some hate about this from the die hard fans out there but I like to say what I think from a naturals points of view. The song 'I sincerely believe I have wrecked my life' is the longest on the EP. The melody is all over the place, The high notes in the chorus make me turn away, I really feel that Jamie is pushing his vocals too much on this track, which in the long run will never be good. Its very experimental though, I really enjoyed the middle 8 with the piano and the woman vocals, showed influences from out American cousins, bands like The Maine and The Cab. But bar this the track failed to grab me.

The other track 'The Weekend' is much like the other tracks just merged into one. Really nice guitar lines and a really good rock song, its more a track that I could listen to. It doesn't fill the 3 minutes with fancy drums or over the top guitar solos, just does what it needs and thats that. The melodies go off a few times, but I can live with it on this track. The thing I like about this band is there music seems so passionate and I can believe they portray this on stage which I much prefer than fancy recordings and huge budgets. 

The EP is up for free download over at there facebook page HERE. If you disagreed with what i've said I would love to hear what you think of this EP.

Peace everyone. 

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