Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Simple Math by Manchester Orchestra.

Ok Yes I know that here at Sounding Better we like to keep it local. But when this track dropped yesterday I could help but review it. The Atlanta band have been quiet for a few years now after 'Mean Everything to Nothing' came out in 09. But recent interviews with Andy (vocals and guitar) have revelled that 'Simple Math' will be a concept album. So where does this leave Manchester Orchestra? 

So Simple Math opens with a very chilling yet beautiful guitar and piano line. Straight away I dont think this sounds like anything they have released previously, and only when Andy's vocals come in you can sit safe and say this is a Manchester Orchestra track. 

This track feels more like a ballad, the structure is simple, but each section, chorus, verse middle 8 are all strung out. Large amount of bar time is dedicated to strings and cheeky drum drops. Not to say that this is bad or that I don't like this. Its very progressive and I really like there development. I can see this tune being really big live, Esepcially around the three minute mark when the drums adds four on the floor and grabs the chance to have a simple single's drum fill on the snare. But when the strings harmonise with the vocals, I get chills down my spine. Its a really beautiful movement in the track into the chorus. This is typical of Manchester Orchestra, they are very very good at building the track up and then dropping out, building so much tension then in the last moments in the track release it so you have nothing bad to say. This happened all through there last album, it happened on this track and I can see it being a strong theme through the next album. Really excited about this album. 

What do you think? Do you like it?

Manchester Orchestra - Simple Math by welikeitindie

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