Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Collapse The Control. Leviathan vs Kraken.

CTC have re-released there Leviathan vs Kraken EP today, for free. Link at the bottom of the page. CTC are a Heavy Metal band from Guildford Surrey. What makes them stand out from the rest you ask? It might be there use of electronics and synth in there music, it might be there great live energy, or most likely its there brutal music.

The EP opens with 'Bitches and Beatdowns'. Amazing echoey vocals from Jacob the front man, its a track that doesn't mess around, straight into a beatdown, heavy guitar and bass combining to make your head to bounce and keep your legs pumped. Swiftly moving into an electro section, even though at times I felt the electronics could have been better put together, or it might have a hint of 'cheese', when the band comes in you instantly forget what ever you previously thought, musically its amazing, huge sections moving and fading out to an acoustic section. This track shows so much of the band, and i'm really glad that its good and not 'just another metal/trance' band.

The title track of the two track EP is epic. simple, review over. No but the pre-chrous is big. Always a little synth swirl just filling out the mix, the production I do have to say is really good. Vocals are tight and chilling to the bone. Especially when Jacob screams 'your a fucking fake' the two tracked scream is right on the money, the vocals on this are really brutal, one factor that I couldn't get over was how amazing they really where. This track just like the previous bounces around, tempos shift, it feels like the drums dictate where the track is going. Also I cant forget the truly epic gang vocals right at the backend of the track, it was a really good way to end the song and the EP, nuff said. At six and a half minutes long I really thought I would drift off and get bored of this track, but Its easily one of there best songs to date.

Collapse the Control have there sound down, there fans waiting and are turing heads in the scene. I really advise you to go pick up this two track EP for free over at CTC's Facebook. There you can find out all there information and gig dates.

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