Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Lie With You. This Boy

Hello everyone, First of all let me apologies for taking so long in between reviews. This site is about new music and I want y'all to get something out of this. 

So here we are, just creeping into summer and we are all looking at what the next big thing will be. True there is the mainstream acts that will get a lot of coverage but don't be nieve. Look further down the blogs and try capture some good bands. 

This Boy have been kicking around the Guildford scene for just over a year now, making a big name for themselves and for good reason. They have sheared the stage with big names like Nylon Sky, According to Her and other bands. 

This is there second release since they formed and it shows a new side to the band. 'Lie With You' is Rory's song, and yes it does have vocoder on it, but I feel that it gives the song a richer sound. Filling out the space where you would expect the guitar or rhythm section to be. I hesitate to call this song a 'ballad' just because its not full of cheese like more ballads. This is just a really well written and constructed track. It really throws you through the motions and emotions, Rory's vocals and harmonies are both chilling and really really good. It must just be something about Scottish vocalist. This track does throw the genere door for This Boy right open, are they a pop rock band a rock band or just a band that play music for themselves. I could really see this song doing well on a TV series or something that needs a dramatic climax. Really really enjoying this track. 

You can pick 'Lie With You' for FREE over at This Boy's band camp. HERE. For more information on This Boy head over to there Facebook page and catch them at this years Beach Break Festival. 

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