Thursday, 26 May 2011

Heart In Hand are a South coast based Melodic Hardcore band. Recently signed to Siege of Amida records. Their self titled EP was released in 2010 and quickly spread around creating a hype for the band. HIH quickly found themselves touring and playing shows up and down the country.

'Only Memories' is the bands first album under a label. The album firstly carries much more weight as a metal recored and gives the fans and kids of the scene something to really ger their teeth into and play on repeat. The recored barely lets you rest throughout its 39 minute run time. Taking you through huge chorus's and high octane verses, but its not just full throttle for the entire album. HIH do show their emotions, especially on some mesmerizing interludes like 'Indelible Mistakes', a slight evolution on the interludes from the self titled EP. The chugging rhythm section is complemented by the emotional melody lines (some reminding me of Deftones White Pony) and then brought down to reality with Charlie's incredible vocals telling you exactly whats going on in his mind. HIH have a lot of promise, and are shaking up the already saturated market in their own way. This debut album only makes them stand out more. Get this album you wont forget or regret it.  

Songs worth a listen, 'Only Memories' and 'Threefiftenn'.

To find out more information on Heart In Hand or when they are touring look up there facebook page HERE and for other interesting things head to there tumblr page HERE

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