Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Evening’s Entertainment @ The Star – 24th October 2011

Monday night at the Star in Guildford revealed a band that was wildly energetic with just a glimmer of crazy, courtesy of frontman Jan Langer. The Evening’s Entertainment took to the stage after other local band Don The Cardigan, and just before a Guildford favourite, Red Kites. Regardless of the exciting line up for the evening, TEE left quite an impression on an audience of new and old fans, and some visibly die hard music lovers.

Despite kicking off with ‘Oslo Can’t Solve This Problem’, some impressive drumming from Connor Laws and heavy, commanding vocals, the Guildford three-piece started slow after Don The Cardigan’s set a hard act to follow. After their second song ‘Blue Moon’ however, The Evening’s Entertainment rivalled their predecessors perfectly with ‘Lady’. Langer’s raspy vocal hit its high with a punk edge, and his stage presence alongside Laws (drummer) and Craig Ferguson’s (bass) enthusiasm may just be the diamond that makes The Evening’s Entertainment a frontrunner on the Guildford local scene. His style is effortlessly displayed in ‘The Joker’ - a slower, more indie/college rock side to their otherwise ever so slightly heavy rock set list, which ended up easily the best song of the night. The closing tune ‘Sad Bride’ didn’t quite compete with ‘The Joker’, but this band’s overall sound will stay with you long after the gig.

Next year will see the release of the band’s EP ‘For The Rest Of The Night’, and until then you can satisfy yourself with the free download of ‘Lady’ available through their Facebook page (HERE). Check out the page for info about the EP release, and listen to some tracks.

Caitlin McAllister

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