Thursday, 27 October 2011

Collapse The Control Thones EP

Collapse the Control have released what Sounding Better consider their most energetic and mature ep to date. Thones Released on itunes on the 24th of October has been in the works for what feels like almost a year. After supporting Memphis May Fire and playing Hevy Fest earlier this year its amazing to see the Surrey lads getting industry support and a considerable hype around them. Something that many fans loyal fans have hoped for since the beging. Its also something that I have personally been listening to non stop since it came out. 

 The ep has been described as 'perfect' by other online blogs such as 'HevyPetal', and it is a very fair shout from them. This ep is a huge progression, the band are writing more progressive and mature music, this sound would not be out of place if it came from any world established acts. 

Transcendence is great way to open the ep up. Huge synth lines, hooks, breakdowns and chants. Its brutal from the off, no messing around from the CTC lads. From the first song you get a great idea of what this ep will offer. 

Moving into the next track Fable, hitting you with the vocals from Tim Hider and then Jacob Feild's screaming. Really there isn't anything more to say, both vocals are perfect, this song has it all. You can dance, jump and throw down to this track. The guitar lines are especially excellent in this track, really making the breakdown for me. 

Leeches opens with a great synth and vocal line. Something any crowed could easily recreate. Something that the CTC lads are really good at doing live is getting involved with the crowed. This track keeps up the intensity of the previous ones. If your a fan of metalcore and synth lines then you'll really enjoy this track. Again Tim's vocals are spectacular and really send shivers down your spine. 

Title track Thrones is a blissful entrence into Sounding Betters favourite track form the ep City of Dreams. A track that we where fortunate to hear months ago and have looked forward to ever since. The track is incredible, easily CTC's best track to date in our opinion. Also with the single line that defines any CTC show 'Fuck Shit Up'. The breakdown in this track is huge in every way. Can't wait to see it live. In my opinion and I know it will sound cheesy but this ep should be called 'EP of Dreams'. The guys have put everything into this and its exciting to see there continuous growth in the industry. Well done guys you deserve it. 

Thones is available on iTunes HERE

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