Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Drunken Sons - Whisky Affair EP

My Friends, Music lovers and Sounding betterers (?) It's been a fair while since i've posted a review. Mr Laws has been ill and I have well, been rather busy. BUT! lets not waste time as it's now time to review the Drunken Sons new EP Whiskey Affair.

Sounding Betters first American band review. Exellent. I feel a milestone has been met here. The Drunken Sons are a singer/songwriter two piece from Murfreesboro Tennesee that combine The strong heartfelt vocals of Cameron Brewer and the clean, tidy production of Jason Mayer. Tieing influences of bands such as The Calling, Ballad-esque Foo's and Jeff Buckley Drunken Sons create an easygoing and somewhat ambient vibe to all there songs.

Straight from the off we hear this on 'Heroin Gun'. With its wavey synth sounds, countrywestern acoustic and Mayers raunchy powerful voice Heroin Gun has all the potential of summarising the sound of America. The chorus is probably one of the best i've heard out of all the bands i've reviewed. A true singalong track. This continues into 'Of a different Breed'. Mayers production work is very good and shows here. The chorus effect on the guitar and the simple kick snare drum beat are not a beat out of place.

'15th of June' holds a less upbeat feel and is easily the darkest track on this EP. It's slow burning verses and simple but effective string arrangement slow the EP down a lot, but nonetheless the big distorted guitar finish changes it up a little.

The final track 'Were Getting In' shows the two-somes songwriting ability in its best form. It's a real ballad with some very nice touches to it. It's not overcrowded with just only the acoustic and Brewers reverbed voice, and closes the EP rather nicely.

If spending sunday afternoons chilling & not doing anything your thing, then spice it up a little by laxing a little to this. It's a nice touch

Over and Out

Ally x 

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