Sunday, 6 March 2011

Gid Sedgwick.

Evening all. If you up for some nice acoustic music tonight then look no further. 

Gid Sedgwick is a UK singer songwriter who takes influence from such musicians as City and Colour and other folk related music. He has just started recording and pumping out tracks, No EP is as known in the works or ready to realise. If you head to his soundcloud page (link bellow) or his facebook page (link Here) you will find three acoustic tracks, two original and a very good cover of 'Constant Knot', even with the clapped ending.

The first track 'In Memory of...' does show a lot of promise. Deep meaning and an almost full band instrumentation. The vocals are really good. Gid knows where his comfort range is and uses it to his advantage, not pushing himself, not that that is a bad thing. The only thing I didn't dig about this track was it was too short. It happened and that was that. If this is to be worked on in the future then thats good news. The guitar lines are nice, I really liked the picked guitar, Filling out the mix towards the end and just sitting there nicely. 

The other original track 'Almost Lost It' is more a complete song. Again good ideas for a full band instrumentation, I can see Gid performing these tracks with more musicians and creating a really good vibe. This song seems to come from really folky roots. I think there is a banjo in there as well, thats cool, just sneaking through making you listen up. Again Gid doesn't push his vocals, it comes naturally and makes it sound much more authentic. 

Take a listen for yourself and give him some feed back. 

Latest tracks by Gid Sedgwick

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