Friday, 3 June 2011

The Only Debt We Bear Is Love. Another Option.

Another Option have released the first single from their up coming EP 'Mountains' called 'The Only Debt We Bear Is Love'. 

The new single is huge new sound for Another Option. It feels like a ballad but with an edge. Not so soppy and nothing directly specking of broken love. Just a solid song. Its really nice to see the progression of this band, from their first recored 'The Smokey Trails of 1985' through 'The Great Walk' and now with 'Mountains' less than two weeks away, I am looking forward to the full EP.

The strings at the start build the right mood for the song, and when the band kick in it already feels epic and feeling like the chorus. Kyle's vocals are incredible and his vocal range seem's to grow with every song Another Option create. The verses complement very well, the tempo doesn't drop too dramatically so you don't feel a drop in movement in the song, It keeps going and brings you right back to the huge chorus. Its really hard to put anything negative about this song and this band. I don't want to 'over review' this because I am waiting for the ep to drop on the 14th, Just listen to the track for yourself and see exactly what I mean. 

The Only Debt We Bear Is Love by Another_Option

Find more out on Another Options facebook HERE and download the EP 'Mountains' on the 14th of June.

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