Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Never Good Enough by The Event

The Event formally known under the name 'Flexaibility' (yes it was spelt that way) have come back with this. Never Good Enough is a perfect summer pop song, something that you would keep to yourself and listen to on your own but still love it.

Lets just start off this review with how haunting Nick's vocals are. The first few chords of the song makes me feel like im listening to a new Foals track, Really nice chords and a synth drum beat. Anyway back to the vocals. They are so clear and punch through the mix, I would not expect his vocals to work in a track like this, but needless to say they really do. His range is not to much but its not needed, it is to the point and like I said haunts you.

The track musically is solid. Solid pop track, the backing vocals around the 3 minute mark work really well. Also I love the coldplay esq guitar 'solo' that sweeps in before the ending, also the synth orchestra fits very nicely and helps to create a really nice atmosphere when your listening. The track ends really nicely as well, just back to the chords from the intro letting the song rest and leave you wanting to listen again. Really enjoyed listening to this track. Its just a really nice song.

Never Good Enough by The Event

You can find The Event on facebook HERE also they have a website too right HERE

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