Thursday, 8 September 2011

From Forests. Landmarks and Ragga

From Forests are a Guildford based band who have caused a lot of head turning in the area. There first single 'Conscious' has hit over 2000 plays on the facebook page since its been up. 

They have released two new songs called 'Landmarks' and 'Ragga'. If you head to there facebook HERE, you can listen to the new songs in full before you read the review (advised).  If you dig bands like 'Bombay Bicycle Club' 'Bon Iver' and 'Temper Trap' I suggest checking From Forests out.


Landmarks as I see it is the bands best track to date. Its feels like the subject matter of this track is about accepting things for what they are and then moving on. This is just as I see it so don't hold me to this. The song opens very softly, I really like how this band have three guitar players, adding depth to the top end of all there songs. The vocals are soft and hold so much weight in the song, almost dream like. The chorus comes in quicker than expected and you only realise that it is the chorus when you hear it again and realise the dynamic shift indicated by the drums, I really enjoyed the drums on this track, the fills and groove carry the song through making the song at a reasonable 5.26 pass by without losing appeal. Towards the end of the song there is a semi break down, nothing crazy but where the bass drops out and only one guitar line is heard over the vocals and groove at 3.52 this makes the track for me. This shows to me that the band have thought about making the chorus more and not repetitive shifting it up a bit. The track fades really nicely and ends beautifully, The mix is solid and shows that a great song can be produced on a budget. Solid track and a favourite of mine.


Ragga being the first indication of a different writing style from this band shows that more emotion, a ballad, or as I would see it. The song starts with a lone guitar line before the bass enters. A warm feeling top end. The first verse is really nice, vocally its another depth, higher notes and longer holds. It feels like the sound is set for this track in the verses. But again From Forests shift the dynamics, one thing I love about this band, you never know whats next. Half way through the song a solid groove drops and you find yourself nodding along as this was dropped on a Foals track. It feels like a dedicated chorus but is over before you know it. Then the one part I feel that lets this track down, the mid 8/instrumental. Its not the whole thing, just the bass line that gets me all upset. Too high up in the mix, when the other instruments come back in the bass mixes well for the final minute. I feel like this should have kept the same tempo as the 'chorus' before, but it works nicely and has that From Forest vibe which I like. The song then fades to a nice and warm end. 

Head to the bands FACEBOOK for more information on shows and releases. 

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