Friday, 9 September 2011

Trails. Before I Begin.

Trails are a Guildford based band kicking and screaming in the local scene, Having played with bands like, Cubrik, Drones, Another Option and Mallory Knox. This band have just been featured in Kerrang (top 10 unsigned artists in the UK) and there new single (one here) has been featured on So yeah Trails aren't fucking around.

Before I Begin.

The track kicks down the door with a nice little build up before punching the distortion on before the first verse. One thing Trails are really good at is there vocals harmonies and back vocals. This song is no difference, straight away there are some nice harmonies just filling out the mix making for a full sound, especially when your listening on headphones. Also another thing that Trails are seemingly good at is constructing single along choruses. Again this song is no difference, and that's whats makes this a good song, its easy to remember and sing along too. The song ends with the same heavy distortion and then a cheeky half time. Trails are a band doing what they love to do, playing music and making themselves stand out, and if you listen to this track on there facebook or watch the video you'll understand what i mean at the very end of the track with a nice little 8 bit reminder of there last single. All in all, i digged this track and cant wait for the self titled EP to come out on the 10th of October. 

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